Be A Part of the Action!

Every good endeavor has lots of people involved.  We feel we need to recognize and thank the many people who put in an extra effort over the last 7! months to help make this brewhouse a reality.

"I Work For Beer" became our motto, even though half of our help couldn't drink, regardless we all were working for beer, great craft beer fresh and local, the way any food should be.

Thanks to MIKE! our tenant, Friend, popcorn maker, brewing buddy, drinkin' pal, watcher of the property, feeder of the fish, blue heron deterant and silent observer in our crazy doings.

A Special Thanks to John's Collage friends who he learned to drink beer with:  Joe Cracco and Andy MacInnis.  Without their expertise, we would still be planning!

A huge thanks to our varied trades:  Squam Lake Plumbing,  Quality Insulation, Tab Beisiegel, Dunstan Electricians, Chris ChioccaBrian and Angelo Cavese, Drywall  and most of all, Dana White who came in under budget, Loaned us tools, expertise and encouragement.

Our Wood Mill Connection: Joe Monti's Maple Farm, for helping with the Bartop, and all the wood siding and indoor trim.

Our Children: Kurt Maiser, Mariah, Meghan, and Elisabeth Dreshaj who all chipped in to help even if we wouldn't give them any beer.

Our Friends Denise and Tiny Conkey and son Jacob who spent many days lugging, cooking, cutting, mixing, pounding, mudding, burning, cleaning....

Dana Burrows and Sherry Britton who wouldn't quit for the day even when we wanted to. 

Daryl and Dan and Aaron They stopped in more than once for a minute and rescued us by staying for hours, helping with things we couldn't do without their help

Jason for being able to pitch in for a day just before moving to Georgia. 

Tom and DJ for bangin nails and raising walls!

Big Daddy & Joe Campbell for loaning the scaffolding that allowed us to make it happen! 

For our I Work for beer weekend crews, of which there are many helpers:  Philip, Michelle, Tim, Tom, Chris, Chris, Kevin, Lenny, Mike, Mike, DJ, Tom, Melissa, Deb, Kelly, Alison, Lee, Sandy, Cynthia, State 64's Tim Little, Gerson, Amy and Alfred, Louis, Loraine and Jim, Crystal,



The Dam Brewhouse

1323 NH-175
Campton, Grafton County 03223