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Our Story Continues

At the 5 year mark

Any good business plan is designed for an extended period of time.  Ours was a 5 year plan.  Now we are five years into our journey as the Dam Brewhouse, it is time to reflect, and look forward again. 

When we first put pen to paper and finalized our Dam Brewhouse business plan, we had the expansion to a larger brewhouse, the expansion into the house with the tasting room and in year 5 the addition of a distillery.  Coming full circle, from our original idea of opening a distillery, Profile Spirits.  So lets reflect for just a minute.  before we look forward.

Dec 2018 We opened our door for the first time to serve  guests our our hand crafted Super small batches of beer!  In our first year, (2019) we had batches of beer from 10 to 134 gallons.  the average batch size was 42 gallons.  By the spring we were glad to get our tasting room out onto the lawn just outside our door as our little tasting room was TOO small!  By September we had a plan to put a covered canopy over our beer garden.  Clear roof and walls to make it bright and airy like a greenhouse which we thought was appropriate for a beer garden.   This was chilly in the winter, but cozy for the increasing number of guests.

in 2020, we created 85 batches of beer between 9.5 and 140 gallons with an average of 75 gallons per batch.    This is despite the fact that we had to deal with COVID!  And our business of enjoying each others company was put into a weird space to say the least.  We modified our bier garten with panels to help stop the spread of COVID and sold more beer in 4packs than anything else.  But we continued to grow, and looked forward to our expansion to a new space in 2021.  We did get in some trouble in 2020 with the town on our bier garten.  Convinced it was a permenant building, we were told to remove it, but we had other plans. 

In 2021, we created 74 batches of beer between 5 and 210 gallons averaging 96 gallons per batch.   We had ordered a double batch fermenter in November 2020 and knew it would sit in what we were using as our tasting room.  Our tasting room needed to move to the first floor of the house so that there would be enough room for the double batch fermenter in the brewery.  And since we installed that fementer, we have brewed almost exclusively Freestyle in it, with a couple batches of Party Animal in the spring.  This allowed us to brew over 200 gallons at a time, AND have more comfortable indoor seating for our guests.  Our bier garten trouble also ended when we moved it on wheels next to the pond where it currently sits.  Check out this page for that! 

In 2022,  we created 73 batches of beer between 50 and 215 gallons for an average of 99 gallons! Notice with these numbers that there isn't much of a change from the previous  year,   Our growth has slowed and we can focus more on other things.   Updating our bier garten and our customer experience.  Still 10 great beers on tap, but now with a little help, we can start working on having some fun!   And we start working on our next step, a distillery.  The old sugar house that has been falling over since we originally showed up on the property in 2015 has been secured, and a plan in place to make that into Profile Spirits!  Lots of work to get that little building FIXED, so as to NOT impinge on the rules of Campton, as it shouldn't be there!

As we enter the last month of 2023, we have this year to date created 60 batches of beer between 15 and 210 gallons with an average of 106 gallons.   We have finished Profile Spirits building, and have plans in place for the next steps!  Our planning time is January, But know that we have not stopped working at making the Dam Brewhouse, Profile Spirits and the tasting room a better place.  But the MOST important part of this equasion is the people that visit, enjoy a drink and the company of friends, both old and newly met.  Because without the people that we share our work with, it just wouldn't be worth it.

Thank you for an amazing 5 year ride, we are looking forward to the next 5  years!

Here is a link to Profile Spirits

AND a link to a slide show of the last 5 plus years of the Dam Brewhouse.

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