So you get this...if you don't feel good,  STAY HOME!

We have done what we can.  We have a great space, lots of ventilation with dividers and separate tables.  But to be effective we need your help.


Limit your group size to 6 adults.

Wait patently for our small tasting room to clear before you enter.

Stay in the nook or at your table.

Keep your mask on when not enjoying your beer or when you leave your nook.

Don't leave the Beer Garden to our Annex with a beer!  We need to carry.

Be respectful of others at the Dam Brewhouse.

And Thank You for visiting and staying safe!

We have created a space that is socially distanced for groups of all sizes (limit of 6 adults by state regulations) in different rooms and seperated nooks.  Please  be sure to keep your mask on outside of these nooks.

dam brewhouse beer garden with plastic dividers
Brewhouse Annex seperations