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About Dam Beers

We put in TONS of time into our brews, and it shows.

We work closely with suppliers, with the passion we have for our craft, we even have our malt houses malting special grains just for us. 

Valley Malt in Hadley Mass malts the barley from Morell Farm in Boscowen and malts the barley in two ways.  One malt for our Freestyle, and one for our Mud Puddle.  And we get our base malt for Dam Delight from Blue Ox Malthouse in Maine.  All use North East Grainshed barley, many are organic and all are non GMO.   Our flavor and adjunct malts come from all over the world, but if we have a choice, we buy Local first,  US second,  International third.  So we stay as local as we can.

Our HOPS!  Beers flavor pellets we treat the same way.  There are NO NH hop farms,  there are some brewers that grow a few hops but no NH hop farms.  SO, we do use hops from VT, ME and MA hop farms.  Most of our hops are from the hop farms in the Pacific North West where the majority of the worlds hops are grown.   We try to find US grown versions of the European hops when we make a European style.  Again, we try to use local first, US second and international third.  Rarely will you see an international hop find its way into our beers.  Not that they are not good, New Zeland has some fantastic hops, we just choose to keep US farmers employed first.

Because we have family and friends that are GLUTEN sensitive, we make almost all of our beers gluten reduced.   We formulate our beers with no, or very little wheat.  Then we use an enzyme to break down the little gluten left in the beers.  What we are left with is beer that has so little gluten that our tests can't detect it.  Celiac suffers rejoice! While we do have some Celiac suffers coming from the city for cases of our beer, only you can make the decision as to what is safe.  Unfortunately we can never make a beer labeled as "Gluten Free" because we have gluten containing products in our facility.  

Every one of our beers is made by hand and is given a chance to mature naturally.  We have no automation, and every part is a hands on experience.  We have no filter, so every beer is an Un-Filtered Offering (UFO).  Naturally clear by the nature of our craft, not our equipment.   Our Lagers are naturally lagered for MONTHS to let their flavor develop.   No shortcuts here,  just DAM great beer!

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