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The Malt Life
Dam Brewhouse Mug Club

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Our 2023 Mug Club is now full! 

To learn more about our 2024 Mug Club,  Join our email list

Our mug club details:

$75 renewal and $100 new membership.

Start taking renewals on April 1.

Open new memberships April 15

Close memberships April 30

Mug numbers silent auction May 1 - 10

New Mugs and numbers hanging for May 12

We will keep the same number of mugs and the locations the same for 2023!  Renewals will not get another growler, or mug. Leaving mug club members can take their mug before May 11 2022. If it is left after May 11, we will assume you don't want to keep the mug.


The price for beer in your mug is $5.53 ($6 with tax) up just 3¢!  Which makes it much easier for those paying with cash, especially in the summer in the Bier Garten.      We will limit the number of mug club memberships to 150 again this year. 


Here are the 2023/24 Dam Brewhouse Mug Club Benefits:


Mug hanging in the Dam Brewhouse for the year.

German style .5L dimple mug

2 Pre-Paid Pint cards

Discount Mug Fills

Discount Clean Mug Club Malt Life Growler Fills

(You need to wash out your growler)

Discount  Crowlers

Discount 4-packs

Free pint on your birthday!

Invitations to special events and activities. (Join us for Pot Luck Thursdays!)

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