The Malt Life
Dam Brewhouse Mug Club

 "The Malt Life"!  our Mug Club membership filled quickly for 2020  We expect it to fill quickly again in 2021 even as we increase the number of mugs by 50%!


In May, we will take down the ceramic mugs made by our friend Penny at the Community Clay Center in Plymouth, and put up a set of new Octoberfest style dimple mugs for the 2021-2022 year.  Be a part of our mug club for $100!  This year we will be bidding for numbers!  Some people want a certain number on their mug.  We will work with numbers between 1 and 200.  IF you have a favorite number, you can have it...IF you are the highest bidder.  


We have supported our Campton/Thornton First responders since we opened our doors.  We are hoping to continue the support by taking bids for numbers.  Of course you don't need to bid on a number, but if you do, the first responders would appreciate it! 


The Malt Life Includes for $100:

Cool Branded Mug. 

Mugs will hang in the Dam Brewhouse for the year from 5/11/21 - 5/11/22

3 PrePaidPint cards

A Pint on your birthday

Mug Club Refils only $5!

A special branded Growler

$9 Crowlers,  $18, 4 packs and $15 Growler fills.

Early availability on beer releases.

Malt Life Events.

If you have two beers a week, the Mug Club saves you $56.  Not bad.

The Dam Brewhouse


1323 NH-175,  Campton, NH 03223