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Winter Specials

Kick The Keg Thursdays

We will have one special tap where the keg is not full, and we want to run it out for Friday.  SO We will discount anything from that tap at 50%.  Half price pints, crowlers and growler fills from that one tap, but only on Thursdays.

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Dam Brewhouse Prices

4oz Sample                                          $2.00
4 4oz sample flight                              $8.00
6 4oz sample flight                              $11.00
8 4oz sample flight                              $14.00
Single full pour 16 oz pint                    $7.00

12oz can pour.                                     $8.00

To Take Home

32oz Crowler                                        $12.00

4 -Pack 16 or 12oz cans                       $20.00

3 - 32oz Crowlers                                 $30.00
64oz Growler refill w/ exchange           $20.00

64oz Growler refill                                $17.00
Screwtop Growler W/ Fill                       $25.00
Flip Top Growler W/Fill                          $45.00

(bring in non branded growler or get one of ours)
Long sleeve T-shirt     adult S-2XL       $25.00

Short sleeve T-shirt    adult S-2XL       $20.00
Small tasting glass                               $4.00
Pint Glass                                             $5.00

IPA Pint Glass                                       $8.00

NHBA 2020 pint glass.                        $10.00
Gift Certificate                                    Any $$$

Dam Brewhouse 'hydration' card
A prepaid $50 card good for 6 crowlers, or 3 4packs or growler fills.                       $50.00

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