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Big Brew Day May 2, 2020


Big Brew Day is an annual part of National Homebrew Day which is May 2,  2020!

  • "Remember, the best beer in the world is the one you brewed." Charlie Papazian

1n 1979 Charlie Papazian convinced the US Congress to pass a law making home brewing legal!  Charlie then went on to form the American Home-brewers Association, and then the American Brewers Association both of which the Dam Brewhouse is a member. 

In the past we have brewed beer on our front yard,  Brewed beer in our basement and brewed beer in the kitchen.  This year, we will use a simple technique used by homebrewers to brew all grain beer, called Brew In A Bag.  The BIB method means we don't have lots of gear, and can brew from malted grain.  We have committed to brewing 10 gallons and we will spit it into two batches with two different ale yeast strains. 

Resources can be found here:

the recipe we will use:

The recipe for the day is 'Pangaea Proxima Polar, IPA' made with lots of New Zeland Hops, and a Kveik yeast from northern Europe.  We have the hops, and the yeast on order.  our first time with some of the hops, and we have never used a kveik yest in the past, Very Exciting!!!

Left is the Kveik yeast, right is California ale yeast

two fermenters.jpg
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