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2022 New Beers Resolution

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In 2021, our new beers resolution was to create two new beers a month for the year.  We did that!  In 2022, we will work towards something harder.   In 2022 we will maximize our commitment to local by using as much local grain as possible.   at the beginning of 2022, our beers are being made with grain from around the world.  For example Freestyles grains come from:  59%  from the Midwest,  21% from England, 9% Canada, 4% South America, 2% Germany and only 5% from Maine.   We can do better, we must do better!  While it is more cost effective to use large farmed and large malt house grain, it is not the best thing for our planet.  And while we don't begrudge our friends in the shipping industry their jobs we would rather reduce our carbon footprint, support our local farmers and malters.


We joined the Northeast Grainshed Alliance as a way to build the local relationships to make this years New Beers Resolution a reality.  Local typically means within 50 miles, but since there are NO farms growing cereal  grains within 50 miles, we will call the Northeast Grainshed our local area.  We have our first shipment of very local malt, this malt is grown just outside of our local area, and malted in Massachusetts.  It will add a slightly different note to the fiirst beer we will make with it, our Campton Damn Irish Red.  We will save some of it for a beer we will call  Grow With It N.E.G.S.  (North East Grain Shed) for an event Saturday April 2. 

March 22 we visited Valley Malt to find a replacement for an English heirloom grain Marris Otter.  We found a variety, Teepee and malted and kilned a bit darker than standard so we have a custom malt, made just for us.  We take our first delivery from a New York grown Barley in June.

As of the end of June,  we had exceeded our resolution to use at least 50% local grains.  As of August, most of our beers are now at least 80% local grains. 

The report that the Morel Farm in Penacook has a great crop of barley for 2022,  Our hope is that  we can switch over to a majority of NH! Based grains for the end of 2022 and into 2023!

Our electricity has been supplied by the Campton Dam for the past year.  It is a godsend right now with fuel prices and therefore electricity prices going through the roof.  Our electric bill has not increased despite the drought.


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