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Our Dam Family

There are a bunch of people on this list, as it takes a community to do anything of value.  Become one of our family members, take stock in a small business focused on community before dollars,  people before profit. 

There is a group of people who we couldn't have gotten as far as we have without.   These are the members of our Dam Family!   Family comes first.

Our parents of course.  They may shake their heads and wonder "what are they up to now?"  but they continue to support all of our crazy ideas.

Our children.  They roll their eyes, but continue to think we are cool despite it.

There are lot of people who have helped!

Jon and Dawn Crowe, for teaching John brewing over in Sweden Maine, and giving a copy of Charlie's book the Joy of Home Brewing.   MmMmmEAD!

John's first beer drinking friend, and companion Joe, Cracco.   There is always cold craft beer in the fridge, and a late night watching racing videos!   Not to mention giving the 20,000 view of what we are doing so we don't get too distracted from the big picture.

Our friends who help at the Dam Brewhouse.  Tiny and Denise Conkey.  Some of the heavy lifters, tree cutters,  and gear loaners.  We have so many tools, and strong backs, but can't do it all. 

Philip Inwood.  His beer drinking skills almost outweigh his carpentry skills. 

We need to thank our supporters.  Our 'Fermenters' those who we will name the vestles we brew beer in.  These people we couldn't have made it without their first hand, first person support.  Thanks to these people for helping make our dreams come true.

Dana Burrows 

Cynthia Robinson

Joe Cracco

And those who by doing their job helped us get the door open.  Weather helping us with the learning, or working, these people have been great.  What a TEAM! 

Harry Burgess for surveying and working out a septic plan to keep the state happy.

Dana White,  & DA White Excavating for getting the septic and parking all worked out.

Maurice Guyotte,  Squam Lakes Plumbing and Heating for working on our water.

Jim McHugh,  Builder extraordinary for work with us getting the carpentry done right.  Great walls and great finishing make for a great building!

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