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Dam Brewhouse Regular Offerings

Our Regular offering are based on traditional beer styles, always easy to drink.    These don't push the style, but help to define it.  Our pride and commitment not in being unique, but in being both the highest quality, and easy to drink. 

British Brunette.  This is the third version of this yummy brown ale, a bit nutty, roast, toasty and just a bit of the English hop bitterness.  Think Newcastle brown ale, this is tasty! 

3.7%  20IBU  17SRM


Fruit Basket IPA just because this is New Hampshire, and well, we like the New England (really Vermont) style IPA.  But of course we give it our own little twist, NOT as cloudy and yeasty,  just great drinkin' brew, and think juicy.

Gluten reduced

5.6% Alc/Vol  32IBU  9.7SRM


Vienna Lager   Rich and bready, biscuty,  A dry ale with just enough hop bitterness to balance the whole thing out.  We have a keg and lots of bottles! It is clearing right now.  Clean, clear and refreshing! gluten reduced.

6.8%  ABV,  20 IBU,  11 SRM

April Rain   This time with Mosiac hops, for a great grapefruit nose, and a bit more bitterness, and a few less callories, but MORE taste.  MmMmm you know you want some!

3.7%ABV,  30 IBU,  5 SRM 


SMaSHed Pale Ale  A SMaSH Brew (Single Malt and Single Hops) in a Pale Ale style with a flavorful base malt, Light Irish Malt, and Amarillo hops, with lots of whirlpool and dry hop additions for the citrus Yummyness.  Brewed with a Belgian wheat Yeast.

7%ABV,  28IBU and  golden 4.6 SRM


Perplexed Pale Porter  The Coffee nose is followed by the coffee and chocolate of a great porter.  Balanced hop bitterness with some great malt sweetness.  This one is a bit perplexed,  try it and you can be perplexed too!   

5.3%ABV,  30IBU and only 6SRM! 


Easy Goin' Ale,   Wit Bier.  or A White Belgian wheat beer.  Orange and coriander spice the brew, a little fruitiness, a little spicy with a touch of tart. good creamy mouth feel. 

5% ABV,  21 IBU, and 3.5 SRM of cloudy goodness.  Contains Wheat, and lots of it.


Campton #*@& Irish Red,  This Irish Red has the nice color, Irish Malt, and roasted flavors of a traditional Irish Red.  Easy Drinking and just right for St Pat's day, or any day you are feeling Irish.

4.9% ABV,  24IBU,  13SRM


Summer Sipper  Light in alcohol and calories only.  This not very light color ale with Mosiac hops, for a great grapefruit nose.  A bit more bitterness, than an American light, and a few less calories than a German Marzen, but MORE taste.  MmMmm you know you want some!  Gluten Reduced

5.1%ABV,  30 IBU,  5 SRM and only 130 callories

Mud Puddle,  We created this on Big Brew day.  American Homebrewers Association's celebration of National Homebrew Day on May 5...Dusty Mud, Dry Irish Stout.  It isn't as dry as it might be, but still a great stout with lots of roasted barley flavors.  Have a pint to whet you whistle and clean out the dust.

Gluten reduced 4.8% ABV,  22IBU,  35SRM  contains Oats


Electric Pale Ale.  This is a tried and true, you will love this hoppy pale ale with Amarillo and Centennal hops and dry hopped with Citra. Yumm

Gluten Reduced at 5.9% ABV  47 IBU   7.5SRM  181 callories

Fruit Bazooka IPAA Fruity explosion with over a pound of HOPS!   This New England style IPA is all about the hop flavor and aroma, and NOT the bitter scorcher.  With Wheat, and oatmeal, this is bound to please.

7.1%ABV,  24IBU,  8SRM  Contains Wheat

Irish Juice!  Two Malts from the British Isles,  a Light Irish Malt, and Marris Otter team up with Hull Mellon, a new German Hops Huell Melon  with flavors of Strawberry and Melon! Get it?  Irish Juice?

Gluten Reduced 5.8%ABV, 25IBU   4.5SRM   171 callories/12 oz

Raspberry Rain.  April Rain with our home grown raspberries.  A great blend of raspberry flavor in a light beer.  The trouble is it drinks too easy. 

Gluten Reduced,  4.4%ABV,  13IBU,  5SRM and Red  122 calories/12oz

Summertime Tan, Brut IPA  A Not so pale, IPA,  really a red IPA, but calling it a IRA doesn't seem like a great idea.  NOT a New England style IPA, this should have more malt flavors, some roasted flavors melding with El Dorado and Centennial,  Looking for some floral and stone fruit notes to meld with the malt and grain flavors. 

8%,  70IBU, 15SRM Gluten Reduced


Addicted to Coffee Porter.  A light porter with the roasted and toasted flavors that go with a Porter.  Hersbrucker flavor and aroma hops lend a little floral and herbal note, Chocolage wheat malt add some dark chocolate notes with a late addition of local addition of some past the dam Mad River Coffee Roasters dark rost coffee to really amp up the Java. 

Contains Wheat!

6.6%Alc/Vol  27IBU,  29SRM  215 Calories/12oz


Love of Hops American IPA

Honey malt and lots of floral hops bring us a unique expression of IPA just in time for Valentines Day.  Look for the honey notes from the malt to combine with floral and herbal hop verities to give a savory IPA.

5.5%Alc/Vol,  40IBU,  14SRM

Campton Mtn IPA.  Like Campton Mountain, light and easy going.  This is a New England style IPA,  full of juicy and fruity hops that make the style so popular.  This version is on the lighter end and a bit more hop forward than our other NH style IPA's  This really lets the Amarillo, Cascade and Cenntinal hops shine with Fruit and floral notes.  An estery yeast adds some other fruit notes and finishes dry.  If you enjoy a good IPA, try a run down Campton Mountian!

7.0% Alc/Vol,  62IBU  7SRM  220 calories/12oz

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