What Comes Next?

Un Named Baltic Porter.   8%Alc/Vol. 20IBU
This is a request from a patron,  Not quite convinced, but if you think so, we will take a stab at it.  Here is a description that we would shoot for.

A Baltic Porter often has the malt flavors reminiscent of an English porter and the restrained roast of a schwarzbier, but with a higher OG and alcohol content than either. Very complex, with multi-layered malt and dark fruit flavors. History: Traditional beer from countries bordering the Baltic Sea, developed indigenously after higher-gravity export brown or imperial stouts from England were established. Historically top-fermented, many breweries adapted the recipes for bottom-fermenting yeast along with the rest of their production. Style Comparison: Much less roasted and smoother than an Imperial Stout, typically with less alcohol. Lacks the roasty qualities of stouts in general, more taking on the roasted-but-not-burnt characteristics of a schwarzbier. Quite fruity compared to other porters. Higher alcohol than other porters.

Monster, DIPA. 8.3% Alc/Vol,  50IBU

An Over the top hop bomb with red wheat and oats in the malt bill for a complex malt backbone, bittered with Centennial, huge whirlpool additions and double dry hopped with Citra and Mosaic.  Look for the hops to dominate the aroma with the citrus and floral hop notes.  Caramel and bready malt backbone with some dry woody finish.  

An Oak Aged, Imperial Stout. 10% Alc/Vol. 50IBU

a rework of 'Vlad's Glad and Singing Like Mad'  imperial stout, and aged for a month on oak.  Adding the vanilla and almond notes from the oak mellowing the strong roasted notes from such a strong  Stout.  Last time we made this one, it was super strong at 11.9%. We would throttle it back just a bit to 10%, and once mellowed on oak it should be super mellow.

Teddy Hopper,  NE IPA. 7.5%Alc/Vol. 45 IBU

New England Style IPA based on Alchemist idea of an IPA, that started the style. Citrus and grapefruit nose. Honey and some Carmel malts add some notes of Carmel and fruit. Gluten Reduced

Blackout, Black IPA.  5.7%Alc/Vol,   50IBU

New England' style IPA, that just happens to be black! Ok, you will find some malty goodness, and a touch of dark malt flavor to round out the bitterness and lots of great hop flavor and aroma to remind you that this is without question an IPA. New hops give us the fruity notes of pineapple as well as stone fruit and grapefruit. Come over to the dark side of the IPA, you will be glad you did.

Somethin' Fizzy. Hard Seltzer 3.5%Alc/Vol. 0IBU

A great summer drink, and a dieters delight at 74 callories,  with natural fruit flavor...Orange Creamsicle it is orange? Light in color, Light in flavor, Light in calories, refreshing and fun to drink!

Dam Yummy.  Cream Ale 5%Alc/Vol,  12IBU

A delicious Cream Ale using Sultana Hops, a hop that has just been released and Lemondrop which was released a few years ago. Think of this as a low bitterness, easy drinking "lawnmower" ale with some new flavors and aromas you haven't experienced in a beer before!

And NOW for a more serious question...

We keep a stout on  tap all the time for our dark beer, porter and  stout lovers,  We have kept Mud Puddle in constant rotation since we oppened.  Sales are slow, but we love the stuff.  at 4.7% this light dry Irish stout won't fill you up and leaves you wanting another.  But perhaps it is time to switch to something different.   Our Perplexed Pale Porter has wide appeal, and is one of our highest rated beers on Untappd.  


Which would you prefer us to keep on tap all the time? 

Mud Puddle


Perplexed Pale Porter?



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