Dam Brewhouse Special Offerings

Our Special offering are based on traditional beer styles, always easy to drink.    These don't define the style, but push it.  Our pride and commitment in making something unique, but in being both the highest quality, and easy to drink. 

Spice Rack Gingerbread Ale.  An Irish Red with the spices of gingerbread  6%  20 IBU

Smoky Californian.  A Smokey version of a western pale ale  6.5%  30 IBU

Wai-Iti a light amber ale with New Zeland Wai-Iti hops  7%  15 IBU

NewBerry Bluebery  A beautiful dark red Natural Blueberry flavored beer 9% 12 IBU

Jarrylo  (pronounced Yar-i-low) Belgian Pale Ale.  This uses a single hop, Jarrylo from Yakima Valley Hops.  Jarryło is the god of fertility, and this hops give us pear, orange, spicy and fruity characters.  We gave this a malt backbone of Marris otter, with enough crystal to give it some character and body.  A Belgian yeast gives us some ester character.  Malty and complex enjoyable ale.  December 2017

5.3% ABV   21IBU  7 SRM

Limesicle IPA.  This is a fun beer!  Lots of fun ingredients, we have lots of oats to add to the mouthfeel and a substantial contribution of Lactose which isn't ferment-able, this will have a rich and chewy mouth feel.  A HUGE late addition of Citra with Lime juice, and zest and organic vanilla this will taste like a Limesicle!   January 2018

6.6% ABV  22IBU  4 SRM   

Blonde Stout.  An American stout with the color turned to the light side.  Toasty, roasty, and vanilla notes dominate with some Hop finish.  Mouth feel of a stout, makes this offering confusing.  Eyes says a light beer,  Taste says a dark beer.  Brain says Yummy beer!  March 2018

SMaSHed Pale Ale  A SMaSH Brew (Single Malt and Single Hops) in a Pale Ale style with a flavorful base malt, Light Irish Malt, and Amarillo hops, with lots of whirlpool and dry hop additions for the citrus Yummyness.  Brewed with a Belgian wheat Yeast.

7%ABV,  28IBU and  golden 4.6 SRM

Scottish Pilsner.   A Pilsner made with an english malt, a little darker, maltier and toastier than a German Pils  5.5%  21IBU

Perplexed Pale Porter  The Coffee nose is followed by the coffee and chocolate of a great porter.  Balanced hop bitterness with some great malt sweetness.  This one is a bit perplexed,  try it and you can be perplexed too!   

5.3%ABV,  30IBU and only 6SRM! 

Benton's Dam Maple Porter

Thanks to the Bentons, we are working on a Maple Porter.  Benton's Sugar Shack gave us some of their harvest to work on a beer with.  Sap in the fermenter gives a light woody taste.  A little maple in the bottle gives more of the flavor and some of the sweetness.  SO we will do both.  Dark and rich malt, carmel, chocolate,  and a whole lot of maple.

7.1% ABV,  22 IBU,  20 SRM.    Can't wait to try it!

Raspberry Rain.  A Raspberry expression of our April Rain.  A little red and a whole lot of Raspberry!  Think Raspberry jam on a piece of toast, Yummy!    Gluten Reduced

5.1%, 30IBU, 5SRM (but red!)

Peanut Butter Cup  A porter with late additions of Peanut Butter Powder and Coco nibs, This should be a yummy addition to our dark beers.   Just like a Peanut Butter cup!  MmMmm!  Contains Oats and Corn.

Gluten Reduced 4.2%, 24IBU, 40SRM  190 calories

Party Animal!  Pale Ale  A very strong pale ale.  Notes of honey, citrus and floral and fruit in a strong high gravity brew.  For those looking for all the buzz, but not as much of the drinking. 10.5%Alc/Vol,  25IBU,  9SRM


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